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Pleasantly immersed into the green, wrapped by the Val di Bisenzio, rises the ancient town of Vernio, home to “Casa Le Bandite”. The structure is a perfect holiday destination and is ideal for all kinds of special occasions.

Made up of six fully-equipped apartments with private kitchen and separate entrance, the facility offers birds chirping in the morning and a stunning view on the surrounding mountains.
Casa Le Bandite is an amazing location for your events and weddings, offering a large saloon with floor-to-ceiling windows facing our salt water swimming pool, thus creating a unique and elegant environment.
The real tree placed in the middle of the hall encompasses the soul of Casa Le Bandite: a warm, sunny environment surrounded by nature, pure air and featuring unconventional furniture.
Your weddings could not enjoy a more original setting thanks to our outdoor square with a wrought iron sheltered gazebo, cast iron street lamps dating back to the nineteenth century, arthouse archways and window grilles.
Worth a mention is also the Restaurant, where local culinary tradition such as the renowned potato tortelli from the Val di Bisenzio - rigorously handmade - merges with new culinary experimentations, such as sous-vide cooking that allows a rich and healthy cuisine as well as historic culinary research, made possible by a recipe book handwritten in the XVII century (and currently in our possession), paving the way for the juxtaposition of unusual and peculiar ingredients.

The Restaurant of Casa Le Bandite is open by appointment: you can choose what to eat and define a budget: quality, seasonality and farm-to-table food are a must.

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